Thursday, November 26, 2009

breaking the wishbone

At Thanksgiving, breaking the wishbone is a tradition for many families. One person picks it up and extends it to another in the hopes that they both will be lucky and “get their wish”. They both grab hold of the same thing and pull, each one hoping for the best. In this case, only one person “wins”, even though it took two people to make it happen. With Thirty-One, wishes are not limited to just one person, but it often involves one person reaching out to another to extend that wishbone. The best part is that everyone can “get their wish” and receive blessings far beyond what they may have imagined when they were reaching for that wishbone.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, and appropriately begins with us giving thanks for all the blessings we have received. While we celebrate Thanksgiving each year and work feverishly in preparing the annual feast (and that wishbone), it’s easy to take for granted the history behind this special day.

The original Pilgrims were English religious separatists who sailed to North America in search for a home where they could have the freedom to practice their style of religion. After arriving in the “New World”, a harsh winter had claimed many of those original colonists. That spring, leaders from two Indian tribes helped the colonists to survive and become self-sufficient by teaching them how to fish, hunt and farm various crops. The celebration we know as Thanksgiving was originally created by Governor William Bradford to give thanks and recognize the help those Indians had given to help their fellow human beings to find their way.

While our manner of living is not nearly as severe as back then, many families do struggle with their own challenges to provide for the ones they love. As you’re celebrating Thanksgiving and all that you’re thankful for, ask yourself if you are a Pilgrim or an Indian? Like the Pilgrims, you may have come to Thirty-One looking for freedom…. Freedom to work your business around your family… freedom to determine your own income….or even the freedom of getting out of the house a few nights a week. Some of you have taken on the role of the Indians in helping others learn to “survive” and find their freedom with Thirty-One. You’ve worked alongside them and taught them the basics of this business and watched them grow and thrive. Regardless of whether you’re a Pilgrim or an Indian, like that first Thanksgiving table, there’s room for everyone in Thirty-One.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, think about the people you know or come in contact with who would benefit from having their own Thirty-One business. Whether you’re looking for other Pilgrims to join you, or decide to become an Indian and guide others, really think about who’s looking for some of the same freedoms you enjoy in your business.

Reach out to them and extend that wishbone…. Some may pass on the opportunity, but others will grab on to it and never let go. And unlike that wishbone, you’ll both win!

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